The Perfect Parisian Holiday Must Include Disneyland Paris

January 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

Discount Tracer Products TP-9370 Marksman – For those of us that aren’t fortunate enough to have the luxury of time, the limited time we have to travel and create new memories and experiences has to be as close to perfection as possible. Therefore we need our holiday to tick as many boxes as possible. A holiday isn’t merely time off work – it’s about what that newly gained time allows us to do with ourselves. Many of us have interests, bucket lists and hobbies that we are unable to explore or fulfil wholly due to work commitments. Our time away from work grants us the opportunity to do whatever it is that we haven’t yet got around to – whether it’s catching up with TV, going to the theatre, visiting museums, travelling, spending time with the children or simply finding the time to do nothing other than relax.

Most of us choose to travel when granted holiday from work, however travelling doesn’t necessarily give us the opportunity to do all the things we need or want to get done. A week in Lanzarote might give us the chance to relax on the beach and spend time with the children, but may not fulfil our cultural pursuits, whereas a week in New York will allow us to accomplish our cultural and social pursuits, but may not be the destination for relaxation and spending quality time with the children. Getting the destination right is paramount to a well rounded holiday, particularly so when travelling with children, as this can restrict spontaneity.

No matter what happens to be on our holiday agenda, Paris is one destination that can tick all of our boxes, whether we’re travelling as a group of friends, as a family or with our partner. Cafe culture, fine dining, good wine, exhibitions, theatre, history, shopping, fashion and Disneyland Paris are just a few of the ways you can explore the vast Parisian culture. Those travelling without children are likely to overlook purchasing Disney tickets, not considering Disneyland Paris an essential Parisian experience. Admittedly, Disneyland Paris tickets are highly sought after amongst those visiting Paris for a family holiday. Admittedly, Disneyland Paris is predominately aimed at families. However this isn’t to say that the park isn’t worth experiencing without children. In fact there are more than enough big thrill rides and restaurants serving typical French cuisine – to a surprisingly high standard for a theme park to make this a theme park worth visiting.

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