Electronic Convenience Vehicles and Wheelchairs at Walt Disney World Resort

January 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

Cheap iCandy FM Transmitter forWalt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, certainly wouldn’t be the most magical place on earth were it not accessible for all folks, including those who need some assistance getting around. Whether due to a temporary injury, or a lifelong disability, Disney prides themselves on providing services that enable guests with special transportation needs to enjoy their world famous theme park resort. Both Wheelchairs and Electronic Convenience Vehicles, or ECVs are available for rent at Walt Disney World Resort, along with buses that accommodate both.

What you need to know about Wheelchair Rentals

So, you need to rent a wheelchair. You may assume that renting from a third party is cheaper than those available through Walt Disney, but this is just not the case. You can rent a wheelchair from Walt Disney World Resort for only 12 dollars a day. They are made readily available, easy to find, convenient, and affordable. The only part of them that is not convenient is that fact that you cannot take them back to your Walt Disney Resort Hotel with you – in fact, you can not take them out of the theme park spaces.

This means that if you are the type of person who needs to be in a wheelchair permanently, you probably have and should bring your own. What the Walt Disney World Wheelchair rentals are better for is for people who can do a little walking, but need a wheelchair for the great distances that they will have to cover at Walt Disney World Resort. This can be someone who usually uses a cane or walker, or even someone who just wears a foot brace, etc.

What you need to know about ECVs Rentals

If you don’t want to rely on your own arm strength or someone else pushing you to get around, you may consider using an ECV, rather than a wheelchair. You can rent an ECV at the same kiosk where you would rent a wheelchair. Just like the wheelchair, you cannot take your ECV back to your Disney Resort Hotel – and also, just like the wheelchair, renting through Disney is fairly affordable, even compared to third party agencies, only 50 dollars a day. There is a refundable deposit, as well, assuming you bring the ECV back in working order.

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