Considering Study Tours

January 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

Buy 14k Yellow Gold 37mm – You can learn a lot about a subject by reading books and researching on the internet – but there’s a limit. Sometimes if you really want to round off your knowledge and experience of a subject area then it’s a wonderful opportunity to think about study tours.

Theory versus experience

take an example – say, the Renaissance in Italian art. Of course, many learned works have been written on the subject and there are many meritorious treatises and academic tomes that may help a student get to grips with the concepts in-depth. But that has its limitations.

However worthy the text and however brilliantly reproduced the images, no book or Internet page can possibly replicate the sense of place and time that comes with standing in the Uffizi in Florence and seeing some of these great works for yourself. Is it smell, colour, heat or atmosphere that makes the difference? All may legitimately make a claim, but perhaps it is simply the indefinable essence of ‘being there’ that differentiates between a real and academic experience.

This is where study tours are really an incomparable experience. These trips are a chance to see some of the world’s truly great destinations, and to explore the wonders that made them unique contributors to humanity’s ongoing story. Learning of the great sweeping spectacle of ancient Roman history from any text may be enjoyable – but how much better to actually walk the same stones and streets as Augustus, Mark Anthony or Constantine?

Study tours

For some people, especially the young and inexperienced, the thought of travelling to a foreign country may be very intimidating. It may be difficult to concentrate on the unique development of the Catalan culture and language in the great and beautiful centre of Barcelona if you’re worried about accommodation, itineraries and staying safe.

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